Thursday, December 14, 2017

What to do in Lake Tahoe Besides Skiing in the Winter

This ski season so far has shown no appetite for snow in the Lake Tahoe are. So I will be writing a brief guide about what you can do in the Lake Tahoe area when the weather is cold, but their is no good snow. 

1. ICE SKATING- Inside the village at heavenly they have an ice skating rink. This can be a great activity for you to do with your family or loved one. It also gives you the chance to speed across the flat ice, much like you would be doing now on the slopes of Heavenly. 

2. Horse Snow Rides- Although their might not be any natural snow currently laying around Lake Tahoe, the company in South Lake Tahoe, next to the Montblue, has decided to blow snow this year to give you an opportunity to take an authentic horse and slay ride. This is a great thing to do, especially for couples that are at the mountain. 

3. PARTY- Their are plenty of places to gamble and party on south shore Lake Tahoe. For new year eve for example the Montblue is hosting 3 different parties with various DJ's and bands. Also the 4 main casinos in the area, Harveys, Harrahs, HardRock, and the Montblue have so much gaming floor that no one could be bored. In addition the restaurants and buffets are just as good as those mid tier ones in Vegas. Hopefully you can wait for some snow to fall while having a great time at one of South Lakes Casinos. 

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