Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The nights are sure cold in Gardnerville

Last night down on the Nevada Valleys, that snug to the east of Heavenly ski resort, it was 9 degree Fahrenheit last night. This inversion is caused by the cold air from the Sierra Nevada and Carson Range dropping into the valley floors and creating a pillow type affect were the cold denser air is trapped above a pocket of warmer air.

This is not to say that Heavenly was not able to blow snow last night. However the prime conditions are when the snow is being blown in dry conditions like are present now.

Here is a more in depth forecast for the next 10 days plus for the Lake Tahoe ski areas.


 After next Tuesday, there will be a change to an active
 weather pattern. Using GSF and other weather forecasting tools it looks like this new weather pattern will be coming in around the 20th of this month. This will give us a chance at snow before Christmas. Here is what NOAA says the two possibilities are.

 (1) A dynamic cold FRONT passage accompanied by a short period of
 precip (mainly snow) possible by the middle of next week, followed
 by most energy shearing off to the east with cold dry air
 prevailing into the start of the Christmas weekend.

 (2) An upper low closes off over California, which would draw in
 more Pacific moisture and bring a better chance for mountain snow
 with a snow-rain mix in lower elevations. Depending on where this
 low sets up, these precip chances could be short lived or
 continue for a couple of days into the later portions of next

Giving this change in Forecast, I am definitely looking forward to skiing after these storms.


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