Saturday, December 9, 2017

Good Morning my fellow skiers! Daily Outlook 10/9/2017

Today According to the NOAA out of Reno, Nevada we have some sort of hope for snow coming to the Mountains for this ski season.

Currently their has been very little snow. No snow is predicted until December 20-22. However this is a change from what NOAA has currently been forecasting. Now it looks like their models have better convergence on a wet pattern coming to the Tahoe are, once this strong ridge of high pressure breaks down.

For Heavenly this means they might just get the snow that they need to at least make 50% of the mountain operational. Currently it only has 1% of the mountain that is open. We need to see 2-5 feet of snow to have any chance at the Lake Tahoe ski resorts opening up any back-country terrain.


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