Sunday, December 10, 2017

Does not look good this Christmas for Lake Tahoe Ski Resort.

Good Morning,
Today we got the most unpleasant update from the NOAA about the storm systems coming into the Lake Tahoe area.

The confidence is now low that we will get precipitation by Christmas. This is not a good thing for heavenly ski resort. Currently they only have 1% of the mountain open and this means that the only runs that will be open are the ones that they can make enough snow on.

Heavenly is a huge resort, they do have one of the west coast largest snow making systems, however because of the size of the mountain their is no possible way that heavenly will be open more then 20% of their mountain. This is going to be during their most busy period as well; The Christmas holidays.

This is one of the worse case skiing scenarios that I talked about yesterday in blog.

Happy Holidays

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